We provide each of our clients with a customized service and a dedicated team to help them thrive in their businesses.

The values and goals we share with our clients strongly influence how we conduct our business.

Because of our customer-oriented mindset, we focus on the quality of our services and the tailor-made attention each client deserves.
LFS handles local administrative, corporate and compliance issues so that our clients can focus on meeting their global strategic objectives.
Our internationally focused teams combine cross-border transaction experience with local accounting knowledge to assist our clients in implementing complex international management and investment structures while servicing their local administrative needs.
Luxembourg is worldwide famous for its business-friendly and constantly innovative legislation. The country is characterized by a solid regulatory environment and tax neutral efficiency solutions for all types of investment fund products. The dynamism of the economic environment, its multicultural, multilingual and international workforce, and its political stability have made Luxembourg ranked among the foremost appealing financial marketplaces, and first European country for investment funds.